Short Stories 💟

The voice on the other end.


5 missed calls from Dad ” his phone said. Swiping the notification aside , he continued to go through his news feed , he looked at every other post about father’s day.

Father’s Day quotes ” he googled and selected the best and the longest one among many.
He posted that quote along with a nice picture of him and his dad on Facebook.

He recollects all the memories of his childhood , the sacrifices made by his father for his happiness , for his family. How his father worked day and night to satisfy his needs and to fulfill his wishes.

He remembers how on every festival his father never forgot to bring new clothes and toys for him , and gifts for every member of the family but the torn chappals on his father’s feet’s pleaded to be changed.

How his father never failed to bring smile on his face , how he held his back at the time of need , financially and physically both.

He cherishes all the lessons his father taught him , which made him a better person , a better human. He was thankful of his father for making what he is today. A successful businessman.

He regrets the day when he had that ugly fight with his father and he left the house to fulfill his dream , to live his dream , to become what he is today.

He recollects how many times he ignored his father’s calls , how he never called him back in order to achieve his goals but his father never failed to call him on the daily basis.

Dad calling…. ” the screen of his mobile phone read.

This time he choose to answer his call.

Hi dad ” he said in a low voice.

How are you my son ? Why are you sounding so low , everything alright ?” his father asked

everything fine dad , I am in a meeting right now will call you back. ” he lied.

The voice on the other end sighed.


P.s : In our daily life , we take a million things for granted. Remember how many time we feel love and want to express it but out of embarrassment , out of shyness we break that bubble of thoughts. We think of telling them at some other point of time but does that other time ever come ?
No , now is the time to express what you feel , to express your love , to express that you love. Cox may be , its the last time that you can express your love , its the last time you are seeing them ever again in your life .

So get up and  cherish that bubble of thought and speak your heart out , say what you feel and don’t let your bubble break !

And this time not just wish your dad , also make him know that you love him and how your life would have been if he was not there holding your back.

                          – Unnati Madan


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