The liebster Award🎉 (5th)


Hello everyone, its my 5th liebster award 😂 I am back with some more facts about me and few answers to the questions that were asked to me by mumof1. Thank you for nominating me. 😍

So , starting with 11 facts about me :

1. I hate rats and lizards. 😥

2. I can’t live without my mobile phone. 📱

3. I love reading love stories.😘

4. And mythological books also.😆

5. I have 1500 songs on my phone right now. 😂

6. 👆Oh yes I am insane😂

7. I have one younger sister. 👵

8. And one little brother 👦

9. True believer of KARMA. 🙏

10. I love these virtual awards🙌

11. I have written 55 unique facts about me till now 😎.

Now , some answers to the questions that were asked to me :

1) What is your favourite season?
     Rainy season.

2) What is your greatest weakness?
     My brother Ram , but he is my strength too.!

3) What your favourite book?
     You can win – shiv khera

4) What is your idea of comfort food?
     Earlier it used to be the food made by my mother , now its the food made by my Nani 😍

5) Do you believe in soul mates?
     Yes , I have one 😍

6) What is one thing that makes you happy?
    Smile on my brother’s face. 😊

7) What is something that you wish you had but can’t afford?
     Nothing as such for now.

8) What is your favourite number and why?
    May be number 4.
    My birth date is 13 , 3+1=4 😂

9) Do you have a favourite family member and why?
    All the members in my family are my favorites , and the ones I don’t like , I don’t consider them in my family.😎

10) If you could be anywhere right now,  where would it be?
    Right now I am at the best place with best people around me. ❤

11) What is your favourite colour?
      Black ❤

Really sorry I won’t be nominating anyone as of now as I just came back from a long road trip. Really tired but if u want you can answer the same questions and can consider yourself nominated.

Lots of love ,
Unnati Madan


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