Short Stories 💟

The Garlands.


Dressed in simple t-shirt and lower with the pair of sports shoes . He was in his mid forties , hair little smokey-grey from the sides and a few wrinkles around his eyes.

He looked at the flowers while crossing the flower shop . Picking up his wife’s favourite flowers he remembered the date , it was their 25th wedding anniversary , he smiled looking at the flowers. He asked  the florists for his daily parcel , giving him money as he headed towards his home.

What are we gonna do on our 25th wedding anniversary ? How are we gonna celebrate it ? ” he remembered how her beautiful wife used to ask him.

His eyes got blurry as he reminisced in their beautiful love story .

He remembered how he was so afraid of getting married at that time , ” I don’t want to get married ” he had said , reluctant to see the photograph of the best suitor her mother has selected amongst many for his marriage.

your wish, but at least see the picture once , your decision might change ” she said while she left the room.

Frustrated he opened the envelope , mesmerized by her beauty he looked at the picture. She was in yellow and white salwar-suit , with no trail of make up on her face, smiling shyly at the camera. She was beautiful , he thought.

He still have that photograph in his wallet. He remembers the first time they met.

She was sitting at the corner of her house in an open verandah, few trails of hair coming over her beautiful face , she was cleaning utensils when he entered the gate of her house with his family , tired from the long journey . He remembers how quickly she ran to her room as he gazed in her eyes. She was too shy for that. And now he knew that he has fallen for her simplicity. He remembers how they waited for one and a half year to get married and that too without even talking with each other.

He recollects all the memories of their wedding day standing in front of her .

He recalls the moment when he has put garland over his bride on their wedding day. Its the same him , the same garlands but she has left , its only her photograph now. He shed tears as he put the garland on the photograph of his wife .

Happy anniversary darling ” he whispered.

                           – Unnati Madan



17 thoughts on “The Garlands.

  1. wow what a beautiful real love story. We don’t have such these days because of the way we young people are misbehaving but that was so inspirirng.

    Liked by 1 person

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