Short Stories 💟

The First Kiss !


Somewhere in the outskirts of the city, they looked out of the window. The large clouds were moving towards them .The roofs of the cars danced with spray and they could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window. Enjoying every moment of their togetherness.

She was laying over him, his right hand under her head. For the first time , they were so close to each other. She could hear the soft whispers when he exhaled , she could feel the heat of his body against hers.

She felt his hand playfully encircling around hers . The next moment she felt his lips on her hand , leaving a trail of goosebumps on her. Her heartbeat started to raise by now.

She looked up to meet his gaze shyly , his black eyes were locked on her. His  hand cupping her cheek , his thumb slowly running over her cheekbone. He leaned towards her and his lips met hers. With just the two of them , the whole world started to disappear. And they kissed till the eternity.

It was gentle but captivating. A mixture of  Sweet and spicy. As their lips pull apart. The intensity washed away. The whole world again came into the focus. Shyly she hugged him tight as she blusshed.

Happy Birthday” he said . Giving her the bestest memory of her first kiss as her birthday present.

                      –Unnati Madan


This post is in response to today’s one word prompt , Playful.


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