Hey everyone ❤


Hey , hello everyone 😄😊

Completed 3 weeks here on WordPress with 3000 views on my site and I have wrote 30 posts till now.  First of all , I would really like to thank you all for reading , loving and supporting my blog. It really means a lot to me. ❤

As I write this post , a thought came to mind that I have not written any introductory post over here and the reason being I always wanted to introduce ” my stories” first and then myself. Kyuki baaton se mann nhi bharta ye duniya proof mangti hai boss! So here I am 😊

I am Unnati Madan.😊 I celebrate my birthday on 13th july , cancerian here !🎂 20 I am. 👌
I am that chubby & bubbly girl , the girl next door types living in New Delhi. 20 I am. I’ll be a graduate in few months. I love pizza. I am noveladdict 📚.  I happened to be a voracious reader since when i was a child. As time passed , the curiosity turned into passion. And following the footsteps of my father I started to write.

Why blogging ?

The reason I choose blogging was a simple one , I want to heal someone’s heart through my work. I want to make that little difference in their life through my articles on important but Random Thoughts😳 . I want to put that cute smile on my readers face through my Tiny Tales❤ . I want to touch their souls through my Short Stories💟. I want to make them fall in love with me through my immature Poetry💗. And the last one is for the fans of  F.R.I.E.N.D.S☕ .

And the great thing about here I felt was the wonderful people I met over here. Already made a few friends. 😳😍 I will also be limiting my posts from now.

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Feedbacks / suggestions / advices / prompts / requests all are appreciated 😍

Keep reading , stay in touch through my creative journey. 😘

Lots of love ,
Unnati Madan.

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Random Thoughts😳
     👉     Not all men are same!

      👉      oh yep! I am F.R.I.E.N.D.S-zoned forever 💟 (Joey) 

     👉    one last time
     👉    some unspoken words
     👉    Maa
     👉   The secret

Short Stories💟
     👉   The monster👿
     👉    the proposal
     👉   the unspoken love
     👉  The void in her heart
     👉  the reason to live
     👉  The wedding tale
     👉   A new home
     👉  the little girl
     👉   the dead body
     👉  Shakar-Paare
     👉   The color of rose
     👉   The magic taste
     👉  Beginning towards a new phase
     👉   A new home
Tiny Tales❤
     👉 the starry sky
     👉  purpose
     👉   differences
     👉   The Ring
     👉   India
     👉   her hair
     👉   Stripes


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