Short Stories 💟

A new home.


Sitting in the car , she was on her way towards her new  home , bigger than her previous home. But she was not happy , she missed her old home. It had all the memories of her for so many years.

Since the day she got married and stepped into that home , it has faced every up & down with her standing still . From the love making  to the fights , from the happiness to the cries  , from the birth of her kids to the death of her husband , from the childhood to the adulthood of her kids , from the marriage to the birth of  her grandkids , the smooth walls of her home have seen every phase of her life.

After marriage , a girl comes to her home in a palanquin and leaves in a bier ‘  a tear dropped from her eye as she remembers what her mother used to say when she was a small child.

mom , we have reached . Come ! ” distracted by the voice of her son , she saw him opening the door for her. She stepped out of the car.

let me carry your bag , it must be heavy ” her son said , while taking the bag from her hands.

Little did he know the bag was not that heavy as her heart was that time.
She feared that how would she survive without his son ? Stopping her tears from falling , she looked at the board in front of her new home.

”  aashiyana oldage home ” it reads.


This post is in response to today’s one word prompt , Smooth.

                      – Unnati Madan.


8 thoughts on “A new home.

  1. You mastery & level of clarity of adaptability is apparent when you write about bag, Her bag which was not as heavy as her heart. Great work. Just thought popped up, hey don’t you write some mysterious stuff also?

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