Short Stories 💟

The little girl.


She was painting with the new poster colors her dad has gifted her , when she heard the noises coming from outside.

As she slowly started moving towards the balcony she could hear the tapping of rain , it was raining heavily outside. The sky was full of grey clouds.

The wind blew her hair and some drops fell on her face. She closed her eyes in bliss and inhaled the petrichor.

She noticed her cousins playing in their garden. She saw how happy they were jumping and dancing in the rain. At that very moment , she also wanted to jump and play and dance , and she probably would have , had she not been the unlucky one.

She slowly turned around and pushed her wheelchair towards her room. She continues to paint again.

That evening the little girl painted herself dancing in rain. Her eyes rained too that evening.

                     – Unnati Madan


14 thoughts on “The little girl.

  1. Your words pierced my heart and settled in a corner, before making it weep.
    “That evening the little girl painted herself dancing in rain”
    You write so beautifully and compassionately! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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