Short Stories 💟

The Proposal.


In response to today’s one word prompt , Orderly.


Sitting on a toilet seat since an hour, in her pyjamas and a loose top , hair tied orderly in a bun with a strand of hair that fell on her face , eyes filled with moisture in them , hands shaking while she looked at her pregnancy test result. It said ” positive ”  , still confused on how to react.

Their was a war going on in her head with piles of questions coming one after another . She thought is she really ready for this? Will she be able to take the new responsibility ? How will it feel ? What will be the changes that are going to take place ? And will he be happy with the arrival of a new person in their life ? What if he refuses to accept the baby ?  … and alot more… And finally tears started to fall from her eyes to her cheeks , she felt happy , blessed to be able to produce a baby of her own.  She throws the kit in the bin placed near by and stands to wash her face .

As she stepped outside the washroom , she decides to talk to him , making her way to his room. She saw him sitting on the bed working on his laptop. Looking at him she thought about their love , love that was so unconditional. She wonders what would have happened if he had not supported her after the death of her parents. The constant love and care has made her a better person. She remembers the day she had moved in with him. Her eyes watery by now. Keeping all the negative thoughts aside she moved closer to his bed nervously .

He watches her as she comes near him. He places his laptop on the bed. He takes her hand firmly in his own hand , making her sit infront of him .

What happened ? You alright ?” He said , while his other hand busy in placing the strands of her hair behind her ears.

She nods, while tears started to fall from her eyes.
I am pregnant ” she gasped .

He is looking at her with no reaction on his face.

I was not feeling well from past few days … I thought of testing it …. results are positive ” trying her best not to make any eye contact with him , she started crying hiding her face behind her palms.

marry me  ?” He asks , cuping her face in his palms .

She burries herself in his chest and has started crying her heart out as he rubs her back with his hand.

I love you ” she whispers , smiling as tears keep on falling.

Unnati Madan


28 thoughts on “The Proposal.

  1. Really good one !!! and touches the heart 🙂 !

    Do have a look at my blog, just started off, and i guess you would be able to relate to them as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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