Short Stories 💟

Shakar – Paare ❤


Okay , this one is not fictional but the real story of my best friend , my cousin , my love… kanika ❤
She just got engaged with the love of her life. Sharing the simple yet wonderful , unique yet beautiful love story of her in my words💜 Isn’t she so mesmerizing ?


He was young . She was smart .He was handsome . She was beautiful.
He was 24. She was 23. He was carefree . She was concerned. He was funny. She was confident. He was brat. She was pampered. He was Paras. She was Kanika.

He was the best “man” she could get. She was the best “lover” he could get.  Both were made for each other . Unaware of future , destiny and love. Love that was going to bind them together for the eternity.

It was love at first sight for him , but was afraid to confess his feelings. Things were slower with her but she knew that something was pulling her to him. But they never said it…

Days past … and some months too but their story went on. Together they laughed , together they cried , together they faught , together they sung , together they danced. For them it was the most beautiful time spent. But they never said it….

Their love was truly unconditional. There was “he” all the time for her and “she” was always in his mind, in his dreams , in his eyes, in his heart. He was “hers” and she was “his” but they never said it….

There was love , everytime they met everytime there eyes met , every time there heartbeart increased , there was love. But they never said it….

And  came the time when they said it and not to each other but to their families, they are engaged now . There are no ifs and no  buts  now , there is Paras and his Kanika and their love so unique ❤


P.s : I love you both ❤

                    – Unnati Madan.


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