Short Stories 💟

The color of rose.


In response to today’s one word prompt ” Epitome


Adjusting her wedding dress she looked herself in the mirror. This time with no touch of make-up on her , she   looked beautiful. Looking herself in the mirror she observed the changes time has brought in her. With her shaking hand she applies the only lip color she had.

She nervously waited for him to come and shower her with compliments. She wonders that he might not like her the way he used to do before , like he did on their wedding day. She thought about the years she had spent with him. 

Wearing black blazer suit , hiding a red rose behind his back, he opens the door of the room. Taking small steps ,he walks towards her , admiring the beauty of her simplicity. He was mesmerized by the epitome of simplicity.

Their eyes were strucked at each other , reliving all the memories they had shared .

With trembling hands , he gave her the rose. ” you look so beautiful my love , just like before . Time has made you more beautiful , more graceful. ” he whispers in her ear. Her cheeks turns into the color of the rose she held as she blushed.

Happy anniversary ” she said as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. Their hearts were young again.

                           -Unnati Madan


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