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The Secret ❤


Hey , sharing the first poem I ever wrote , I wrote this one a long time back , when I had started to write. Its as imperfect as me Description of my childhood in a poetic way. And oh its me in the picture , Chotta me 😍


Once upon a time , there was a little girl,
with chubby cheeks and those curly hair.

She wore shirts and knickers , and had boy-cut hair,
But she wanted pretty skirts and whirl it in the air.

She was always “the krishna” in the play,
But her heart goes out for “the radha” that sway.

Watching cricket and wrestling with her brothers she grew ,
But she wanted to dance and paint a bird that flew.

And let me tell you a secret, when no one used to be around ,
she wore dupatta round her neck and  heels buckled down.

She danced and sing and played with the doll ,
She drew that bird who flew above all.

She wanted to roam around the world , putting on make-up and sunscreen.
She dreams to live like a king ,But with a crown of a queen.

                 – Unnati Madan


21 thoughts on “The Secret ❤

  1. It’s amazing. It reflects in this poem that each word is truly that of your heart. Your words held me through all the way and last line left me mesmerised. My words are falling short in praise of this beautiful masterpiece 🙂 God bless

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