Short Stories πŸ’Ÿ

The Unspoken Love

Sitting on a bench infront of a tea stall , dressed casually in leather jacket and a pair of jeans with no touch of make-up , waiting for him nervously. Keeping aside the fear of rejection she had finally decided to tell him about her feelings .She was excited but nervous , happy but conscious. She was still rehearsing her lines in her mind for the billionth time since ever she had seen him for the first time . He was her bestfriend , the closest person in her life.

didi chai ( your tea , sister) ” said chotu , worker of tea stall , giving her the cup of tea. Snapping out of her thoughts she smiles at him taking the cup from his hand , “thank you ” she said.
She sipped her tea while it starts to rain. She felt cold , observing the environment . She looks at the old couple crossing the road , holding hands. She smiles at herself thinking of her future with him , thinking of their future together . She wanted to jump , sing and tell the world that she was in love .

“Late as usual ” she thought . Staring continuously on the phone’s screen , she kept on re-reading the messages exchanged between the two. As she delves deeper into the messages she thought about the moments they have spent together, they were always holding each other’s back in every ups and downs they have faced. She felt blessed.

Hey ” he waved his hand from a distance. She feltΒ  nervous , looks at him. Her heartbeats racing. Half drenched in water , he comes running towards her and hugs her. No matter how many times they have hugged each other , she felt different this time. She hugged him back , hoping time would stretch out
indefinitely, locking her in the moment She never felt better , she thought.

” I am so happy “ he exclaimed showing her the ring.
Beautiful it is” she saidΒ  shocked.
finally going to propose her tonight ” he said ” I love her … I love her so much… she is so beautiful and sexy you need to meet her man ” he said.
Oh” she gasped.
yaar wo haan toh kardegi na ( she will say yes , no? ” he asked .
tujhe koi mana kar skta h ? ( can anyone say no to you?)” She said holding back her tears.
I am happy for you ” she said while her fairy tale love story came to end.

– Unnati madan


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