Short Stories πŸ’Ÿ

The void in her heart .

Going through her wedding album , she missed how happy she was on that day. The day when she had vowed to find happiness in the bond called marriage. The day when her husband , my father had promised to be with her forever.

Her eyes were wet again. Every night she would cry her heart out. It was now like a habit to me hearing her cry.
I could feel the pain she was going through. I could sense the loneliness , the void in her heart. Every night she would wake up puking , with massive mood swings every now and then , morning sickness , migraine attacks and the immense pain in her abdomen. She was managing all this by herself.

Yes she was pregnant , and she was managing all by herself, from managing home to visiting the gynecologist alone. She wanted him to know how much she miss him , how much she craves for him but she knew it would put him to worry. She never complained or protested and that made me respect and love her even more.

I always wonder , How can anyoneΒ  love someone that unconditionally ?Β  Why didn’t she stopped him when he was leaving us all alone ? Why don’tΒ  she fight with him when he forgets to call her for months ? I don’t know why she calls him a ” hero” , when he does nothing for us? Does he also miss us the way we do ? I might not love him enough for making my mother cry , but I respect him a lot.

I miss you dad , the four walls of our home seem to miss you everyday , every moment. And most of all my mother, She miss you a lot dad , in this crucial stage you are the only one she wants to be with. She wants to wake up to your voice , to sleep next to you . Please come soon dad before the void in her heart swallow her up….. ” I wished.

The tears were flowing down her eyes , when her phone beeped ,Β  the phone flashed his name with a new text.

” on my way honey. I’ll be there tomorrow morning. Love you. ”

Instant tears of happiness flowed from her eyes.

Yes it was from him. From the person my mother devoted her life to and he devoted his life to his country. Yes my father is an Army man and I am the foetus growing inside my mother’s womb.

– Unnati Madan


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