Short Stories 💟

The reason to live.

The room was filled with darkness . She was sitting on the floor at the corner of the room,crying. Her lovely eyes, looking scared and gloomy, that sweet face, crumpled up and covered with tears-it was not a sight one could handle. Her hair was rough and tangled, it was clear that she had been pulling it in worry. She held a bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. Its been three months since her husband’s death.

She wanted to end her life , the constant battle between loneliness and her. The pain was not bearable . Memories were killing her day by day , it was getting tougher for her to survive with every single minute passing by. She felt lonely.

She was missing her  family , who hated her for marrying the person of her own choice. ” You are now dead for us “, the last words from her dad still echoed in her ears.

She missed her husband. The time spent with him. She was missing his hugs , his touch , his smile ,the way he used to say her name. She remembers  all the moments she had once dreamt with him. She remembers the day she told him about her pregnancy.

She wanted to be with him. She was tired of her loneliness . ” i can’t take it anymore . I have nothing left to live for  . I wanna die . I can’t fight anymore ” she cried while opening the cap of sleeping pill’s bottle.

The baby inside her womb kicked for the first time . She found the reason to live.

P.s : There are many reasons to die for , search for the reason to live. Everyone has a reason to live , one just need to realize the importance of our life.

– Unnati Madan


40 thoughts on “The reason to live.

  1. well actually there are plenty of reasons to live for, but they come to the mind only when someone wants to think about them! Thanks for coming up with the thought to think about them.

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  2. Great work👌👌👍

    I write motivational poems and articles ! I would be greatful to you if you read my poems once ! Am sure you would love them ! 🙂

    And I have written a poem ” life at a glance ! ” I would like to get your reviews on it ! 🙂
    Please share if you find anything worth reading with others ! 🙂

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